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Solar lentigo is the medical term for brown spots; they are also known as age spots or liver spots. The areas exposed to the sun such as the hands, face, upper back, neck, arms and shoulders. These spots are gray, black or brown in color. The spots are common for people over 40 years than your people. Brown spots are not harmless, but there are concerns of them lead to cancer, especially if new lesions start to appear.

Brown spots can be prevented by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and the skin should be protected from UBV and UVA rays.


Though they are not harmful, they pose a cosmetic concern. Some of the treatments include

  1. Derma Sweep Michigan, which vacuums to remove the upper layer of the skin using a wand tip.
  2. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) phototherapy which is used to damage the melanocytes responsible for the spots and the skin naturally repairs itself.
  3. Freezing with liquid nitrogen or other freezing agents which are used to treat small groupings of spots to destroy excess pigmentation. This is known as cryotherapy.
  4. Glycolic acid is applied on the skin to burn the outer layer of the skin which peels and new skin forms.
  5. Use of hydroquinone, which is a bleaching agent with retinoid or without. The spots fade gradually over several months. The doctor might recommend the use of SPF 30 with this treatment.

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