Eyebrow treatments are all the rage—microblading has basically become a staple in many salons and spas—and women are always on the lookout for ways to perfect the thickness, shape and definition of their brows, which some experts have said are the most important facial feature. However, as in the case of this Australian woman, Amanda Coats, her eyebrow feathering appointment (pretty much the same thing as microblading, but with slightly more of a "feathered" look to make the brows look naturally thicker) went terribly wrong.

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In a recent Facebook post after her visit to a skin care clinic in Point Cook, Australia, Coats reveals graphic images (see them herehere and here) and claims she contracted an infection as a result of the treatment, which caused her eyebrows and the skin surrounding them to fall off. Here's what she had to say: 

"I went to get my eyebrows feather tattooed to enhance them. I ended up with a severe infection from the clinic and the skin was just falling away and my eyes blew up. 
The lady who did it, Ulzii Cleveland, was very rushed, going in and out of the room attending to other clients during my procedure and also doing another eyebrow tattoo at the same time—she did not put new gloves on each time which does not keep things sterile. 

I messaged and called Ulzii Cleveland to tell her straight away something was wrong only to be ignored. I told her patches of skin had come away along with the color that I had puss and my eyes are weeping. I went to the doctors and have had to go to the doctors nearly every second day. I'm on antibiotics and steroids for swelling. I've also had to use antibiotic ointment. I have to constantly dress the wounds. The cost of all this is now greater then what I paid for the procedure."

And it doesn't stop there. Coats says she's been in constant, terrible pain, with numbness and severe migraines as well. "I am the single mum of three kids, and at times have not even been able to drive due to my eyes."


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She says her main reason for posting about her experience on social media is to warn people about "Ulzii Cleveland and The Skin Care Laser Clinic in Point Cook. I do not want this to happen to anyone else."

According to DailyMail Australia, which reached out to the clinic for comment, the owner of the clinic denied Coats' version of the events, saying she was "delighted" after her treatment. He claimed Coats called the clinic once afterward to express concern about the color of her eyebrows fading, which he told her was "quite normal." 

He also said he wasn't contacted by Coats again until more than two weeks after her appointment, which is when she sent him a photo of her infection. "There's no way we could be possibly responsible for the infection at that stage, two and a half weeks after the procedure," he told DailyMail. "My wife has done over 2,000 of these procedures, and we’ve never had any issues of infection. We’ve been unable to defend ourselves and we are taking action against Amanda for defamation, and that’s in the process of being issued."

It's been reported that Coats has also gained legal representation. We've reached out to a dermatologist for insight as to why this infection could have happened and will update the post when we hear back.